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Updated 5/20/2020

To our valued Customers:

In the interest of keeping our staff and customers healthy in these uncertain times we are going to temporarily make some changes to the way we do business while being compliant with the new order issued by Santa Cruz County.  These are fluid times and these modifications may change.

We understand the importance of getting on your bike and staying healthy. Social distancing includes bike rides in the forest!

We are open Monday - Friday 10-5...Sat/Sun 10-4....Call us 831-427-2232 or Text us 831-291-5054.

We are serving customers out of the back of our shop. Bring your patience when you visit us. We are extremely busy these days and we are doing our best to service every customer as quickly as possible.  We will try to have patience too.

We are encouraging all purchases are made in our online store...If an item is not listed in our online store call us and we can see if we have the item...we will start allowing customers into the store by appointment only.  If you absolutely feel that you need to enter our store for your purchase please adhere to these guidelines.

A Face Mask is required at all times while inside our store

We will supply you with hand sanitizer to clean your hands

Do not visit us if you are feverish or coughing or have any COVID-19 symptoms.

Your time in the store is limited to 30 minutes

You will not be able to touch everything, we will gather the items you are interested in purchasing

You will have one employee helping you during your 30 minute visit

Have a list of items you are interested in purchasing. Do your homework.

Know what brands we carry and what models you are interested in looking at. Be prepared.

Call us to schedule an in store appointment so we can be prepared for what you are looking at purchasing.

Our bathroom is not for public use, please do not ask.

We encourage all non-essential visits to be avoided.  Call us! Email us! Text Us!  Help keep our employees employed!! They are at the ready to help you!

Call - 831-427-2232
Email -
Text - 831- 291-5054

We REALLY appreciate your support of our local business.

Call us to make an appointment. This is the best option.  Walk-ins are discouraged.

Most of our inventory is online...we are working fast to confirm that all inventory will be listed online.  If you do not see what you are looking for online, CALL US!  We can prepare your order for you to pick up upon arrival.  

We have decided that rental bikes are just not a good idea...If you are trying to make a purchase and decide between a couple models or sizing is a question for your decision we may have bikes for you to test ride. Please call us to discuss.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! We are all in this together!

Chris & Heather & all the Another Bike Shop Staff